KLM Engineering & Maintenance

KLM Engineering & Maintenance implemented the winglet modification on the KLM Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 fleet. This fleet consisted of 19 aircrafts, both provisioned and non-provisioned. The work was performed in KLM's hanger 10 at Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. The execution of the work was subcontracted to Qualitair on a fixed price basis and was supervised by KLM Engineering & Maintenance EASA 145 certifying staff. 

The on time performance of the modification program was 100%. The quality of the work performed was excellent. No after modification complaints (fuel leakage, tool marks) werre observed. Overall we think that Qualitair did an excellent job.

Jan Harlaar
Former Director


Henk de Vijder
Deputy Director

Base Maintenance Narrow Body
KLM Engineering & Maintenance 

Royal Flight Oman

Subject:Reference Royal Flight Oman Boeing 747 decoration

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all the hard and demanding work that took place during the Strip and Repaint of the Royal Flight Oman's head of State Boeing 747 - 400 A40-OMN.

Everyone involved in the project was very helpful and went the extra mile to achieve the final finish. Andy, the KLM Supervisors, Rudd, Graphics and of course all the guys that pulled the triggers. It was a team effort that paid off. Also I would like to thanks Hans veltman who put himself out responding to all the requests from the RFO team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending both KLM and Qualitair for their professional approach and knowledge of the Aircraft Painting Game. All here at RFO Oman were pleased with the finish and at the end of the day......that's what it is all about.

Once again thank you very much

Bill Maddocks,
Senior Aircraft Coatings Specialit 


Qualitair's Performance at KLM

Qualitair has been supplying contract personnel to KLM in excess of 20 years. During those years Qualitair has supplied hundreds of thousands of man-hours both in terms of direct supply and price work projects.

The supply process was enhanced 10 years ago with the establishment of Qualitair Engineering Holland BV, this allowed Qualitair to supply Dutch nationals directly to KLM. Today the Qualitair Aviation group supplies a wide range of trades to KLM ranging from painters to Licensed Engineers. In terms of price work Qualitair has successfully implemented major modification programmes such as Boeing 747 Section 41's and Boeing 737 Winglet modifications. The on time performance of the modifications was 100%. The quality of the work performed was excellent. No after modification complaints were observed. Overall Qualitair did an excellent job. price work continues to be a successful feature of the contract today.

The latest changes to the supply service came in 2004 with the introduction of Qualitair permanent staff working within KLM flex unit to co-ordinate the interface between KLM's requirement s for the contract personnel and the supply from Qualitair and the other UK agencies. This initiative has proved extremely useful and has made the service delivery more efficient.

In conclusion, I would like to state that KLM are extremely happy with the service that Qualitair provide, which has always proved to be professional and effective. I believe the success of the arrangement comes from the spirit of partnership that exists between KLM and Qualitair.

Yours sincerely,

Peter de Jong
Manager Central Personnel Registration, Rosters & Flex

Cargolux Airlines International

Cargolux Airlines International herewith would like to express its appreciation to Qualitair Aviation Services for the excellent services provided to our company during more than 30 years.
Qualitair has been a very reliable, professional and effective partner for Cargolux Airlines.The partnership between Qualitair and Cargolux has resulted in added value solutions in which high quality contract labour is provided in a seamless way based on our fluctuating production needs.
We therefore would like to recommend the manpower services of Qualitair to anyone in the airline industry.

Cargolux Airlines is looking forward to continue its business relationship with Qualitair in the future.

Onno Pietersma
Executive Vice President Maintenance & Engineering

SR Technics

Qualitair has been successfully supplying contract personnel (mainly sheet metal specialists) to SR Technics Malta Ltd. since November 2010. SR Technics is very pleased with the proffessiona;l and timely service Qualitair provides. At times of high intakes of contracted personnel, an on-site coordinator was available from Qualitair to ensure smooth operations.
Legal compliance with Maltese employment law is of paramount importance to us and Qualitair has delivered a fully compliant service. Qualitair and SR Technics Malta operate in a spirit of close partnership and believe that open communication is a key factor for the success of their cooperation. 

Yours faithfully, 

Ms Jutta Trimmel,
General Manager.

KLM UK Engineering

Dear Sirs

KLM UK Engineering Limited has been working in partnership with Qualitair for many years.

Qualitair provides a reliable source of competent licensed engineers and mechanics to support KLM UK Engineering Base, Line and Workshops operations. The flexible, friendly and professional approach of Qualitair assists KLM UK Engineering to adopt to changing workload demands in a timely and efficient manner.
KLM UK Engineering recommends the services of Qualitair to the aircraft maintenance industry.

Wayne Easlea
Operations Director