AOG Licensed Engineer in stansted

stansted, united kingdom
job category
Aircraft Engineering
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reference number
melanie maycock, qualitair
01223 295 111
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job description

The Corporate AOG Technician will report jointly to both the Customer Support Manager & Corporate Base Maintenance Manager. Responsible in the first instance, whilst deployed, for the administering of AOG requirements on a worldwide spectrum and on an "as and when required" basis and will be managed and coordinated by the Customer Service Manager during such deployment.

Remain fully prepared and able to travel at short notice, to ensure the very highest level of response on a consistent basis, to its demanding customer base.

Whilst on deployment, he or she will maintain the very highest standards of communication to both our customer and the Customer Support Manager.

Ensure that all work undertaken as instructed remains within the capabilities of the MOE and subject aircraft's associated state of registry.

Display themselves in company uniform at all times and will be expected to maintain the very highest standards of appearance.

Be solely responsible for the "perceived" ownership, equipping, stock control, replenishment of the AOG Response vehicle. Be solely responsible for this vehicle appearance and regular attention, to ensure it depicts the very highest level of customer perception at all times.

When not deployed on any AOG activity, the individual will form part of the base maintenance staff and as such revert to being responsible to Corporate Base Maintenance Manager, whilst remaining in an ever ready and standby state.

Compliance with company Procedures and in particular - Health, Quality and Safety policies.

Ensuring compliance with the company Safety system in respect of actively advocating, promoting & implementing safety policy - Identification, assessment and resolution of risks & hazards, ensuring operational safety in the workplace, implementing corrective & safety actions within required timescales, ensuring staff remain actively aware & comply with requirements of the company safety system.

Actively participate in company management & safety forums.





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