Engine Mechanic in amsterdam

amsterdam, the netherlands
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Engine Mechanic
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samanta meskyte, qualitair
01223 617811
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Engine Mechanic

Type of vacancy: Regular
Location: Schiphol East Amsterdam
Hours per week: 40

Are you our new driving force in the maintenance of aircraft engines and modules? And will a GEnx
or LEAP be in good hands with you, because you know exactly what needs to be done to give these
powerhouses the maintenance they deserve? Then we are looking for you!

What will you be doing?
Taking apart and reassembling aircraft engines, we can be brief about that! But you know better
than anyone that there is a lot involved. Together with your team you are the owner of a specific
engine: from the moment it arrives until it is delivered to the customer. On average, maintenance
takes about 50 to 60 days. Then you say goodbye, and it's time to service the newly arrived GEnx. It
has done more than 20,000 flying hours, so you take care of it with love! Of course according to the
manuals and regulations. That also means that you will be taking on a lot of administrative tasks.
Safety in the air is paramount, and as an engine workshop technician you contribute to that. Without
you, there would be far fewer aircraft in the air...!

Tasks and responsibilities
 You perform the inspection of incoming engines and parts.
 You work together with the ESG (Engine Steering Group) and determine the work scope.
 You will assemble, disassemble and check modules and engines of various types of aircraft,
both those of KLM and Air France as well as those of other companies, which we serve as
 You perform your work in accordance with manuals and applicable regulations; safety first!
 You carry out repairs and contribute to maintenance issues of various engines.
 Together with your colleagues in the Test Cell, you perform the final inspection: the engine
is tested!
 All work you carry out is recorded administratively (in SAP), usually in (technical) English.
 You are aware that our customers have specific requirements and know how to work

Where do you land?
You will land at Schiphol-East (Netherlands- Amsterdam) at Engine Services. In a diverse team of 15
to 25 colleagues, you will be part of the MRO plant within Engine Services. MRO carries out the
inspection, assembly, repair, overhaul and dis-assembly of aircraft engines. This department is
organized in such a way that different types of engines are under maintenance in the engine shop.
Examples are the LEAP, GEnx, CF6 or CFM 56-7B. MRO is part of KLM Engineering & Maintenance,
KLM's maintenance division. But you will also be working outside our engine shop, as you will
sometimes be providing technical support to the hangars or the technical service at Schiphol Centre.
But sometimes you will also land outside the Dutch borders! A mission to provide technical support
to airlines abroad is a regular occurrence. So working in shifts is not a problem for you.

Your profile
Are you an (apprentice) mechanic and do you want to work with aircraft engines? Do you have the
following qualities? Then we are looking for you!

 You are inquisitive
 You are structured and precise in your work
 You are eager to learn
 You have a high sense of responsibility
 You are communicative, verbally and in writing, also in English



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