Senior Technician required for Safety Equipment in duiven

duiven, the netherlands
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helene de wolfe, qualitair
01223 295 111
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Qualitair are currently looking for a Senior Technican to perform initial inspection and corresponding Repair or
Overhaul on Aircraft Safety Equipment (Oxygen Cylinders, Fire Ext's, Oxygen Masks, Life
Preservers, Evacuation Slides and Rafts etc). Working as One Team, strive to ensure that all
customer TAT's are met, and quality standards are maintained. Carry out any other day to day
work required in accordance with your role and experience within the Department to ensure
that the aims and objectives of the Company are met.

1) Ensure that all work practices are carried out in accordance with the organisation's maintenance organisation exposition (MOE) to ensure the required standards of Quality and Health and Safety are maintained. This includes:

- Following all Health and Safety regulations and ensuring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn at all times.

- Ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the correct revision Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and company procedures.

- Ensure that any quality concerns affecting airworthiness or Health and Safety are reported to the Operations Manager /General Manager immediately.

2) Ensure all Work Orders on the Work In Progress (WIP) List are processed in a timely manner to maintain 'Reliability' and meet customer expectations and the company targets. This includes:

- Work within the team to ensure the correct Work Orders are prioritized and target TATs are met

- Communicate proactively any deviations to the daily plan

- Follow the procedure at all times

3) Make a 'Positive' contribution to the team every day to ensure a productive working environment with a 'One Team' ethos.

4) Commitment to self-improvement, 'Growth' and the continuous improvement of the company. This includes:

- Reporting any bottlenecks to production and suggesting improvements to the way of working

- Taking responsibility for personal development and personal targets.

5) Lead by example and take 'Pride' in achieving company, department and personal targets. This includes:

- Maintain housekeeping and organisation of the workshop at all times

- Role model behaviour in accordance with the core values

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